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[From Athens Magazine August 2002]

As one of Athens' busiest Realtors, Cindy Mitchell of CENTURY 21, helps those looking for residential or investment real estate in the Athens area and surrounding counties, as well as nationwide.

According to Cindy, to successfully help clients find the real estate that best suits their needs, she has to have a good working relationship with home inspectors, attorneys, termite specialists, handymen, gardeners, movers, babysitters, veterinarians, maid services and other Realtors, which involves trust, ethics and professionalism.

"It's like a beautiful work of art--it takes patience, talent and hard work," Cindy says. " I like that clients, friends and family refer me because that means they trust me unequivocally. I take clients on as family. I counsel them through marriages, divorces, births and deaths." She adds, " You've got to be there to help them make the right decisions--legally and ethically--and handle it all professionally but with heart."

Cindy continues: "My job is to be there for them now and ten years from now, to listen and support these huge decisions, and sometimes advise them not to move at all. What it comes down to is looking after their best interest." A perfect example of  this happened recently when Cindy spent part of a day with a client, helping her sort through photographs, listening to her reminisce and even helping her pack her china. "I care for people from the heart," says Cindy. "Listening and taking the time to discover my clients needs provides the help they need to smooth out major changes in their life."

Just as her garden--cultivated from clippings and gifts given to her by satisfied clients--offers visitors a soothing respite from the stress of everyday life, so to does Cindy offer peace of mind from the worries of hunting for a home.

Cindy loves what she does and names among her passions the joy of watching someone's eyes light up when she helps them find the right home. As she so simply puts it, "It's just fun."

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