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Athens Magazine (Profile of Success)
[From Athens Magazine] She helps people change their lives.

But, it's the way in which she helps them through a change, that produces life long customers for Realtor, Cindy Mitchell.

"What matters is how you treat people and how you service their needs. I care for people from the heart," explains Cindy, a real estate agent for CENTURY 21.

Her genuine warm nature is what gains Cindy long lasting business relationships and more importantly - friendships. "It's not just brick and mortar I'm selling," says Cindy. "I help people make big changes in their lives. It's helping them adapt to emotional changes. It's marriage or divorce. It's people with twins who are busting at the seams and need a bigger house. It's people relocating across the country. It's looking at the big picture."Cindy Coplin Mitchell picture

Cindy's sincere effort to help people has had a direct impact on her success in the real estate profession. She sold 137 homes in the Athens area last year, and in that year, 97 percent of her business was referrals from past clients. Also for the past six years she has received the CENTURION Award from CENTURY 21 ranking her in the top two percent of the worldwide organization.

Cindy assists a wide range of clients who are looking to buy investment or residential real estate. Not only does she help those in the Athens area and the five surrounding counties, she also works with people all over the country who are relocating.

Using the latest technology, Cindy now shows homes on the Internet which she says will definitely open up some new doors for her clients.

Trying to find that one special home for her customers is what motivates Cindy. "I like to watch their eyes light up when I find the right house. Then I just take care of the details," says Cindy.

Taking care of "the details" is where Cindy earns her mark.

She aims to make the whole experience, well... fun. Whether it's packing a picnic lunch for clients who don't have time to stop to eat, or showing movies in the back seat of her suburban to help keep children entertained and occupied, Cindy always has a way to make someone's day a little brighter.

"I take my job very seriously. I have to do what's right for people because I have their lives in my hands," says Cindy.

Cindy sends flowers to all of her past customers on each anniversary of the day they closed their home. " It's my way of saying I'm thinking of them and thanks just because they are my friends."


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