Buying Process

Get Pre-Approved

Get Pre-approved! After an initial conversation with a lender, they will send you a mortgage application. It is good to have the following on hand, because your lender will ask for them: A copy of your driver’s license, tax returns from the last two years, bank statements from the last two months, your social security number, your employer’s contact information, any assets helping with your purchase, and any liabilities for a debt/income ratio evaluation

Know that the hard pull on your credit is temporary, and if you are shopping around for lenders, multiple pulls in the same 45 day period are recorded as a single inquiry!

Consider pre-underwriting when searching for a pre-approval so that way your offer can close quicker and carry purchasing power more comparable to a cash offer.

Start Your Search

This is where you get to dream! As you do that, it’s helpful to keep some considerations in mind. What are the priorities for you when searching? What homes fit your habits and lifestyle? And then, what are more logistical concerns? Consider the elevation of the home, insulation, repairs, parking, size and layout in relation to your long term plans.

Get in Contact

Reach out to AthensHomes! We can discuss the best course of action and a step by step plan to find the home meant for you.

Tour Homes

AthensHomes will use its database to comb comparable properties and hone in on the houses that best fit your needs. Cindy will accompany you to visit and analyze the pros and cons of different locations based on what she has come to know about you and your aspirations. Her trained eye will spot issues worth avoiding as well as diamonds in the rough.


If you submit a bid on a home and are chosen, there are a few more steps involved afterward.

Purchase and Sale Agreements will outline the terms of the contract while open. If accepted, earnest money is held in escrow by the closing attorney (and will contribute to the down payment if the contract closes). During this time there are often amendments to the contract and contingency periods where you get to carry out inspections and appraisals. Outstanding liens and title defects will come to light through a title search, and interest rates will be locked in by lenders during this “due diligence” period. Cindy is here to make sure you have a competitive edge in the probable event that there are multiple offers.

Closing Day

Woohoo! It’s almost time to celebrate. Outstanding logistics include transferring escrow funds, paying fees and revising the deed into your name. Afterward, you get the keys and the venue for your housewarming party!

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Rated #1 in Customer Service

Through her past 32 years of work, Cindy has played an active role in shaping the Athens community. By listening to the needs, wishes and long term goals of her clients, she has forged close ties within her relationships and cultivated a sense of trust and well-being amongst those who have had the pleasure of working with her. Athens knows and loves Cindy, and Cindy knows and loves Athens.

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