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Let’s Sell Your Home

With decades of experience in Athens, Ga, you are in the right hands with Athens Homes for selling your home.

  • Superior Market Knowledge
  • Expert Front-End Logistical Planning
  • Advanced Online and Old Fashioned Marketing Strategies
  • Deep Understanding of Negotiations
  • Unparalleled Contract Knowledge and Transaction Coordination

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The Selling Process

Get Prepared

Ok, so you’ve decided to sell. Before you can let your house go, you will most likely need to invest in it a little further first. Start by identifying the obvious repairs needed in your home. If you can, begin to let go of items that no longer serve you. Donate, declutter and clean! As you do this, you may be able to separate yourself from where you have lived, and imagine yourself somewhere new. With a more objective perspective toward your space, you will start to see the touch-ups that need to happen before putting your home on the market.

Create Your Listing

Cindy will use her housing database and wealth of knowledge to give you a glimpse of the market scene through real estate comparables. They are usually within a mile of your current home, and adjustments are made to the evaluated values based on the different attributes of the houses. After agreeing on a value, Cindy will list your home. A good listing has an accurate market price, calculated renovations and quality, staged photography!


Before both photography and showings, there are many renovations and tasks recommended for those wanting to sell. Here are just a few:

Remember, the exterior is the first impression!

Make sure the grass is cut and the walkway is accessible. Wash down the deck and doorway beforehand, declutter personal items and consider adding flowers at the entry.

Less is more.

When a potential home buyer is touring your place, they want to be able to see themselves living there. This is challenging if your items are everywhere. Even if tastefully done, consider paring down your personal decor. Little actions that go a long way include: hiding cords out of sight, putting stray items in bins and removing rugs so your place looks more spacious.

Take the time to clean.

This seems like an obvious tip, but opinions on the cleanliness of your home can have a big effect on perceived value. Opt for cleaners with natural fragrances and deodorize if you have any pets. Make sure no dust is evident when you run your finger over surfaces, and take the extra step to wet mop your floors for an extra sparkle!

Don’t forget the guest experience!

When it’s time for an open house, there are a few actions that can make all the difference when potential buyers are evaluating your home. It’s a great idea to offer low commitment snacks and bottled water for those coming in and out. I suggest that if you have pets, you put them in day-care for the day. Despite how cute your loved ones are, you want the house to be the focus! Lastly, talk with neighbors or make needed phone calls beforehand in order to address excess noise preemptively.


There is a lot to consider when evaluating offers. At AthensHomes, we will focus on

Purchase Price – This is the offer presented by the potential buyer for the home; stipulations can often affect the final amount.

Closing Costs – Buyers may request the seller cover closing costs in response to needed repairs. This is typically 3%.

Due Diligence – This is a typical 7-10 day window in which the seller inspects the property, negotiates repairs and can back out of the sale without penalty.

Stipulations – These are extra requests from the buyer. Requests can range from a deep clean to a termite bond and can cost the seller more money.

Financial Exhibit – This lays out a timeline for the buyer’s loan approval and completed appraisal.

Closing Date – This is typically 30 days after the purchase and sale agreement has been signed, but you can consider other amounts of time until closing or arrangements such as a “lease-back”.

Under Contract

This means that an offer has been accepted but contingencies must be met! Otherwise, the sale is not complete. Conditions in these scenarios could be for both the buyer and the seller. Examples include securing a loan or waiting on inspections. After these stipulations are met, the agreement becomes a pending sale. Until the house is officially closed, backup offers can be entertained by the seller as a form of contingency.

Closing Day

You might not need to attend, but you or the power of attorney will transfer the deed to the house. AthensHomes is here to make sure the transaction happens smoothly and the transfer of funds occurs in a timely manner! You may need immediate access to these assets in order to invest in the home of your next chapter.

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