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Watering Grass
Now that summer is in full swing and the heat is on, watering grass has almost become a suburban past-time. So, when is the best time to water grass? According to the local Georgia extension service:

“Prior to sunrise is considered the best time to water because of less wind and lower temperature. Research indicates water losses at night through irrigation are 50 percent less than during midday irrigation. Studies also indicate that irrigating after dew develops on a turf will not increase disease problems. However, irrigating prior to dew formation or after the dew has dried from the morning sun and/or wind extends the period of free surface moisture and may enhance disease development. Irrigation is one maintenance practice often done wrong. Light, frequent watering produce shallow, weak root systems. The shallow root system prevents efficient use of plant nutrients and soil moisture. Roots grow only where the soil is moist ; they do not seek out water.”

Energy Saving Tip
Check your air filters at least twice a year (it is recommended every month). However, if you can remember to check before Holidays when you might have company drop in, like Halloween and Easter, it may be easier to remember.

10 Tips for Fire Safety in the Home
It’s always good to remember several tips for fire safety. By constantly reminding ourselves, we become better able to handle situations when it really matters.

  1. Stop, Drop, and Roll
  2. Install and maintain smoke detectors
  3. Practice E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills in the Home)
  4. Crawl Low in Smoke
  5. Cool a Burn
  6. Smokers need watchers
  7. Space heaters need space
  8. Be careful cooking
  9. Practice Safety with Electricity
  10. A match is a tool for adults

Links for maintaining your home
Ask Cindy for a complimentary house call to help you with ideas and recommendations on spring clean-up, landscaping spruce up, window washers, painters, deck rebuilders, etc.

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